Cinooka Studio

Mobile. Simple. Safe.

About Us

Welcome to Cinooka Studio, where we build mobile apps based on the principles of simplicity, usability, privacy, and purpose. In a market full of apps that can do everything, but make it hard to do anything, our focus on streamlined and user-friendly experiences sets us apart.

Our philosophy revolves around the concept of “purpose-built.” We believe that mobile apps should have one clear and obvious purpose, addressing a specific need or providing a distinct functionality. By focusing on that one purpose, we design apps that are intuitive, streamlined, and free from relentless complexity. We craft user-friendly experiences that make it effortless for you to get things done. 

We reject the notion that our customers are our product. Instead of selling your attention and data to advertisers, we sell mobile apps. We don’t collect information that isn’t necessary for the app’s functionality, and we don’t store data that you won’t need later. 

At our development studio, we are passionate about building mobile apps that align with your needs and values. We combine innovation, usability, purpose, and privacy to create exceptional apps that enhance your everyday experience while prioritizing your peace of mind. 

Our Apps

Your go-to app for easy and accessible reading! Just snap a picture in WhatsItSay, then see the text in a clear, large font and hear it read out loud.

No ads. No sharing or selling your data. Just the features you want in an easy-to-use app.